Optima Car Batteries Set The Standard

Optima makes batteries for cars, trucks, SUVs, and boats and some in the industry say this brand set the standard for modern-day vehicle batteries. Optima car batteries are sold for both import and domestic vehicles, offering high performance for each. With this promise of high quality comes an equally high price tag. Optima sells some of the most expensive batteries currently available.

Owners of Optima car batteries are not shy about providing testimonials. Some people have used one of these in a car for more than ten years and it still performs at its peak. One man even reported that his Optima battery lived through Hurricane Katrina. Each model sold under this brand is completely spill-proof and offers faster recharging capabilities than many other brands. It takes only one hour to fully recharge them, as opposed to two hours for conventional batteries.

A spiracle design, unique to auto batteries, features the most advanced technology and ensures the battery will be a clean, strong source of power. This design involves long thin layers of lead that are wound to form tight spiral sells. Supported by cylindrical cell casings on all sides, the lead ribbons are made from the lead of the highest purity and performance. This results in lower internal resistance and higher output during extreme temperatures.

Included are red, blue, and yellow top models, each offering a similar advantage over some of the more mid-priced brands. Their ability to repeatedly recover from a deep power drain to operating at full capacity is unrivaled. Experts claim that this brand lasts as much as two times longer than regular auto batteries. The red top model is designed for passenger vehicles and features 720 cold crank amps, a reserve capacity of 90 minutes, and a 36-month free replacement warranty.

Optima car batteries are also very durable and have enhanced vibration resistance. Their maintenance-free quality makes them a good choice for people who do not want to be bothered with topping off water levels. These batteries can sit without being used for four times longer than other brands. In addition,  no matter what the temperature, great starting power is reported.

Anyone who is looking for a high-quality battery for a vehicle should consider cheap car batteries from Optima. Features like durability, a unique spiral cell design, two times longer lifespan, and spill-proof quality set this brand apart from the competition. The only thing to keep in mind is that their prices are much higher than competitor brands.

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