All About Duralast Car Batteries

Duralast car batteries are made by Johnson Controls Industries and frequently found in AutoZone stores. Johnson Controls is one of the three major manufacturers of automobile batteries. When the battery in the vehicle dies, Duralast products can be used as replacements in most types of automobiles. If this item is purchased online, the buyer can do the installation or pay a professional to do it. Some stores will do the free onsite installation of a battery purchased from their location.

Nearly all Duralast car batteries are flooded, lead-acid models. These are considered middle-quality, mid-priced batteries designed for cars and trucks. Duralast also makes a deep cycle battery intended for use in recreational vehicles. Most Duralast batteries, including the deep cycle type, are about ten to twenty dollars cheaper than an Exide or Interstate battery, which is considered higher quality.

The reputation of this brand of battery is very high dependability. Some say it is the closest to a tailor-made battery available for consumer purchase. Regional batteries are included that can handle very cold conditions, something not offered by many other manufacturers. The northern region battery provides a quick start during extremely cold temperatures. Southern region versions resist the high temperatures that characterize this climate.

The Duralast Gold battery received the highest AutoZone ratings for reserve capacity and cold cranking amps per group size. It was created to meet or exceed the original specifications for the vehicle. High mileage vehicles or those that are used in harsh conditions will benefit from this battery. Stamped grid technology improves efficiency, delivering optimal performance. The vent caps are safer, reducing corrosion and leakage. Corrosion is also inhibited by the Solidium welds and the Lifespan negative paste extends battery life.

Consumers looking for cheap car batteries from Duralast should conduct online research. It may interest them to learn that Duralast manufacturer Johnson Controls also makes the DieHard line of batteries. Duralast Gold models feature performance compatible with the DieHard Gold series. They offer 800 or more cold cranking amps, large reserve capacities, and are maintenance-free.

When considering replacement automobile batteries, be sure to review Duralast car batteries. These are suitable for many types of vehicles and are considered to be a great value by some experts.  With a high number of cold cranking amps designed for use in cold climates and other models suitable for warm weather, shoppers may find this battery is their best option within the price range that fits their budget.

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