Learning About Car Battery Prices

If you’re having car battery problems you’re probably wondering about car battery prices. A car will not operate when it’s battery breaks down, so it is important to keep the component in peak condition. The water may need to be topped off in older models, but newer batteries usually do not require any maintenance. However, this component does not last forever, so depending on how long the individual owns the vehicle, car battery replacement may be necessary.

Car owners should learn about car battery prices and related costs so they do not get fleeced. The size, cold cranking amps (CCA), and the warranty determine car battery prices. Size is also referred to as group number and vehicle owners should be aware of the group number of their current battery.An auto parts store can also look this up using the make and model of the vehicle as search parameters. Some online sites enable shoppers to look up this information themselves, though near-matches, as well as exact matches, may be returned.

The price range of car batteries for sale on the market start for as low as $58 and can reach upward of 200.00 depending on the type of battery that you need. A lot of factors affect the varying car battery prices. Group sizes 24, 65, and 75 are most common and discount store car battery prices are about $45 for one with 500-700 CCA and a two or three-year free replacement warranty. A premium brand model may cost as much as $80 to $90. Some outlets will install the component at no charge as long as the battery is purchased from them.

States may charge a fee if the old battery is not exchanged for recycling purposes. The fee serves as a deposit and is refunded when the battery is dropped off for recycling. California is one state that uses this fee program, charging $10 to anyone who does not provide the non-functioning battery at the time of replacement. Consumers can find the local recycling facility by calling an auto repair shop, visiting the local government Web page, or asking the new battery seller.

Unless the vehicle is a rare make or model, the battery should be in stock. When shopping online, some sites allow consumers to view inventory levels so they are aware of the current supply. This way, they can call to reserve the item if there is only one left at the lowest prices, saving time and gas used to drive to various stores.

Shoppers should always compare cheap car batteries prices at more than one location prior to making a purchase. Discount centers may sell lower-priced batteries but they do not always feature long-term warranties. With some creative online shopping, individuals can find a high-quality replacement battery with a reasonable warranty and a low price. Before buying one, make sure you get some car battery reviews first.