Autocraft Car Batteries – One Of The Leading Brands

Autocraft car batteries are one of the leading brands and can be found online and at Advance Auto Parts stores. They are manufactured by major battery maker Johnson Controls. The company also sells marine batteries under this brand name. In general, the brand is known for sophisticated technology, long life, and corrosion resistance. The automotive batteries fall in the mid-price range and are very competitive in terms of quality and features.

Titanium, Gold, and Silver are three of the popular models of Autocraft car batteries. The Titanium model features a three-year free replacement warranty and an 84 month pro-rata warranty. It is the most powerful battery sold by some stores, designed to exceed original equipment specifications. This maintenance-free battery provides a longer life within the higher under-hood temperatures of modern vehicles. The price range for this battery is between $79.99 and $157.99.

Features of the Autocraft Gold include premium silver/tin/calcium alloy that is both corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. A fully framed positive grid featuring a fortified top strip results in a design superior to that of positive expanded metal. Product life and durability are improved by the anti-shedding negative paste formulation. The increased lug width increases the cranking performance and reduces electrical resistance. Prices for this middle of the road model start at $99.99.

A two-year free replacement and 72 months pro-rata warranty provided with the Silver model of Autocraft cheap car batteries. Like the others, this battery is maintenance-free. It is built to original equipment specifications and provides longer life in high under-hood temperature conditions. Prices start at $70.99 and go up to $113.99 with battery exchange. This is a battery that provides a decent set of features at a reasonable price.

Whatever the price range, consumers should compare Autocraft against the competitor brands. In some cases, features will be the same and a clear winner will be selected based only on price. In others, the features may vary so it is important to take specifications like cold cranking amps and reserve capacity into account, especially if the automobile will be driven during extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Autocraft car batteries are offered with various features that contribute to reliable performance. The Silver is a durable battery that has a low price, while the Gold includes additional features and costs a bit more. The Titanium is the top-of-the-line model in this brand, offering a lot of power, while still keeping the price lower than some of the competitor brands.

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